About us

About us

Founded in Tokyo in 1899, Hiroto Glass has established itself as one of the pioneers of Japanese Glassware. In recent years, Hirota Glass has created its own signature style through harmonization of European traditional glassmaking technique and Japanese artistry. While staying true to its classic designs and influence dating back to the pre-war period, Hirota Glass continues to push hand-crafted glass to its artistic limits.


1899 Kinta Hirota, the founder of Hirota Glass, began selling glass tableware in Tokyo.
1915 Hirota Glass opened its first factory in Yokokawa, Tokyo and started manufacturing drinking glasses.



1920 Eijiro Hirota succeeded as president and further expanded the business. He also contributed to the advancement of glass industry in Tokyo for many years.



1950 Hirota Glass Co., Ltd. was established.
1985 A Logistics Center was built in Tsubame, Niigata.



Tatsuo Hirota developed new artisan glassware with a focus on the reproduction of classic products that were popular back in the Taisho period.



Sumida Edo Kiriko-kan was opened to provide workshops on how to produce Edo Kiriko.



Tatsuaki Hirota was appointed the head of Hirota Glass Co., Ltd.



Sumida Waglass-kan was opened to provide workshops on how to produce Edo glass decorations.



Tatsuaki Hirota

Tatsuaki Hirota


It has been 150 years since glassmaking has been introduced in Japan. Japanese glassmaking blossomed during the Taisho period while skillfully and carefully incorporating Western culture. The fusion of Western technology and Japanese traditional techniques and manufacturing methods led to the creation of unique Japanese Glass. Hirota Glass, the oldest glass tableware company in Tokyo, is committed to promoting glass tableware. It is our social responsibility to preserve the glass tableware manufacturing methods and designs inherited from the company’s founding and to pass them on to the next generation.

Tatsuo Hirota

Tatsuo Hirota


One could say that the beauty of the downtown area of Sumida-ward in Tokyo is that it is not too pretentious, and very humane. Glassware is indeed one of them. Hirota Glass exists in a place where many “good things” from the past remain and continue to be made. We hope you can see the products of Hirota Glass.

Kozo Kawai

Kozo Kawai

Edo Kiriko Craftsman

Certified as a Sumida Meister by Sumida Ward as a traditional Edo Kiriko craftsman. We have inherited the “technique” and “elegance” of Edo culture and are constantly pursuing new techniques every day for the future of Edo Kiriko.

Company Profile

  • Company NameHIROTA GLASS co,.ltd
  • FoundationMay 1st, 1899
  • EstablishmentMarch 1st, 1950
  • Headquarters2-6-5 Kinshi-cho, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0013 TEL +81-3-3623-4145 FAX +81-3-3623-8892 Email hirota-g@hirota-glass.co.jp
  • Product Center811−1 Sugina, Tsubame-city, Niigata 959−1273 TEL +81-256−64−2770 FAX +81-256−64−4171 Email tsubame@hirota-glass.co.jp
  • Capital15 million yen
  • BusinessPlanning, manufacture and sale of Japanese and Western glassware
  • Major BanksMUFG Bank, Ltd. Kinshicho Branch / Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Kameido Branch / Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd. Oshiage Branch / Small Business Finance Corp. Head Office / Daishi Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd Tsubame Branch
  • MembershipsTokyo Glass Products Association, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Group CompanyHIROTA GLASS CRAFTS Ltd.